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Lifevantage protandim fogyás Tartalom These reports led to an investigation of Chemins by the U. Attorney's Office in Lifevantage protandim fogyás, Colorado.

Criminal proceedings were launched against Chemins and Cameron, and on Lifevantage protandim fogyás 7,following a three-year investigation, a Federal judge in Denver sentenced Cameron to 21 months in jail and fined him and Chemins 4.

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In his plea agreement, Cameron admitted that he and his company had labeled Formula One as "all natural" but secretly spiked the product with synthetic pharmaceutical grade drugs, including ephedrine and caffeine and had done so with numerous other products, including one called Supercharge, without notifying consumers.

Chemins actively conspired to hide from the FDA the fact that it possessed the undisclosed ingredients by, lifevantage protandim fogyás other things, making a late night transfer of the ingredients to an employee's home during an FDA inspection and creating false manufacturing and inventory records that were shown to FDA inspectors.

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The company had denied using those ingredients after being confronted about it by the FDA. Metabolife and other ephedra-containing supplements were linked to thousands of serious adverse eventsincluding deaths. These deaths caused the U. After the withdrawal of Metabolifea congressional investigation found that Metabolife had received thousands of reports of serious adverse events, many occurring in young and otherwise healthy people, and that the company had concealed the reports and acted with "indifference to the health of consumers.

The suit alleged that the products contained approximately half the protein content and twice the carbohydrate content as listed on the label.

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